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Pure Garnet Abrasive

We have variety of Garnet which is naturally available in vast quantities in Southern india, Western india and River Basins. The Garnet we provide is natural, inert, hard and low dust, Recyclable as its basic properties. It is mined from the southern coasts of india and some river basins which is curved and cubical in shape due to the wave action of thousand years. Where as, the rock garnet is made from grinding and crushing of Raw Garnet rocks available in some parts of Rajasthan also having sharp edges suitable for blast cleaning and surface preparation prior to its treatment or painting or coating.

• Water jet cutting
• Sand blasting/blast cleaning
• Denim blasting
• Filtration etc

Garnet abrasives Available in Sizes
• # 10/20
• # 12/40
• # 20/40
• # 20/60
• # 30/60
• # 80
• # 100

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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Grit

• Sandblasting, etching, carving, surface preparation, anti-slip
• Grades 12 through 1200 available
• Mohs 9 hardness
• Tough & durable, low friability, fast cutting
• Can be recycled multiple times
• Sold in a variety of packaging options: Bags, Drums, Super Sacks
• Samples available for testing prior to purchase

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Specs:
• Very Tough: Hardness Rating of 9 on the Mohs scale
• Can be recycled multiple times
• Fast cutting, low friability
• Brown in Color
• Fusion Temperature (C) is 2020
• Alpha macro crystal from trigonal class, hexagonal system.
• 95%+ Aluminum Oxide
• All our blasting medias are new, not reclaimed.
Recommended For:
• Etching
• Carving
• Grinding
• Lapping
• Polishing
• Grit Blasting

Pallet Packaging: This media is generally sold by the net ton, or per 2,000 lbs. Packaged in 50kg bags.

For more information download the catalogue


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