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Thermal spray can be said into its developing stage, where process itself is well developed but its utility is still to be known severally known. Today everybody talks about industrial growth which has to be achieved by optimum utilization of resources.Whether it be any vertical of industry can neither afford loss in profits nor in production.

In such tight bottleneck situation, continuous production with maximum utilization of each and every component is the must required outcome of every industry. But industrial wears have become the most dominating factor to reduce these industrial growths, in such cases thermal spray has evolved as the most promising weapon against these degradations. But being novel over other conventional processes like galvanizing, hard chrome plating etc thermal spray is less known to users.

Though this art can be adopted easily with sufficient efforts in right direction but scientific part of process must be executed properly and that is supervision, material selection and process parameters. In this direction with help of our technical team of more than 6 people we provide all kinds of consultancy services for successful execution of TS projects. Our consultancy include following:- Material and process selection, process parameters, individual onsite training testing procedures, surface preparation standards, material handlings etc.


 Partner/Distributor for USA region are most welcome, Write us to if you are interested.
 Parat Technologies is authorized distributor of Tecnar Automation Ltd. in India for doing sales of Thermal Spray & Cold Spray Sensors.