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Online Characterization Of Particles During Thermal / Cold Spraying

Accuraspray G3C In Operation DPV eVOLUTION Complete System

For both Thermal & Cold Spray processes, there are several parameters that will directly affect reproducibility of coatings. A few examples of such parameters are:

Plasma current, primary & secondary gas flows
Oxy-fuel ratio (HVOF)
Wire spool radius (wire-arc)
Oxidation during spraying
Cooling water temperature
Gas purity
Carrier gas flow
Substrate temperature
Quality of feedstock materials as well as initial temperature
Part preparation
And more!

Around the mid 80’s, the thermal spray community recognized that in order to bring thermal spray processes to the next level, there was a need for sensors able to provide real-time, in-flight particles information just before impingement on the part. Various researchers around the world started to develop such sensors.

In the case of thermal spray, the particles are very hot so they emit IR radiation. That radiation is used to actually “see” the particles & in turn characterize them (temperature, velocity, size, flux, trajectory). VELOCITY is usually the result of a time-of-flight measurement, whereas TEMPERATURE & SIZE are normally calculated using the two-color pyrometry technique & assuming that:

The sprayed material behaves as a gray body
The melted particles are spherical

In the case of ColdSpray however, particles are too cold (below 800 Celsius) to be detectable by conventional pyrometric techniques. Therefore, the approach consists of shining light on them and looking at the scattered light. In other words: we work with light reflection rather than light emission. VELOCITY, SIZE & FLUX can then be measured, but not temperature since the illumination light directly influences the pyrometric measurement.

In 1994, TECNAR has been the pioneer company in offering the first commercially available thermal spray sensor (DPV-2000). Ever since, TECNAR has remained THE leader in that field with more than 450x sensors (DPV-2000/eVOLUTION, ColdSprayMeter, Accuraspray G3 & G3C, PlumeSpector, ShotMeter, SprayView) out in the field all around the world.

Our Sensor for Thermal Spray are: -
The Accuraspray G3C
The Plumespector &
The Sprayview

Our Sensor for Cold Spray :-
The Cold Spraymeter
The DPV eVOLUTION model equipped with CPS-2000 option can be used for both thermal spray as well as cold spray proceses.

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